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Because We Are Black Study Guide

Because We Are Black Study Guide

Because We Are Black Study Guide

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Study Guide
Because We Are Black Study Guide
Why Black Americans in 2023 are thirteen percent of America’s population but only possess three percent of America’s wealth is a question worthy of quality research. Dr. Moultry’s book, Because We Are Black, takes readers on a three hundred fifty year historical journey to answer that question. In addition to showing why wealth inequality exists in America, the readers is provided with psychological rationalizations for why power brokers in America’s dominant culture exhibited racist thoughts and actions.
After hundreds of conversations with readers of Because We Are Black, Dr. Moultry decided to compose a STUDY GUIDE to assist individuals in learning more about him and his point of view. Hopefully, reading Because We Are Black and utilizing the Study Guide will provide you, the reader, with a richer understanding of America’s racial issues.


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