About Us

During the horrific years of 2019 and 2020 while COVID 19 was raging the world and people were quarantined, I wrote two books: Because We Are Black and Reparation: A Step Toward Resolving Black Americans’ Wealth Inequality. The books were critiqued and edited by family members and friends and my wife, Maci, formatted and published the books. The books were written to promote effective dialogue among readers about wealth inequality and to start a movement to repair the social, emotional and financial damage done to the American people. 

In an effort to ensure the message was delivered in its purest form without the hype of commercialization, Maci and I formed a company (M & M Enterprise) to market the books. We developed the following logo to express our bedrock belief in the power of knowledge. 

As a commitment to providing our readers with documented TRUTH we adopted the following defining statements of our efforts:

• Scholarly writing- the information presented in both books are extensively researched, factual and comes from multiple sources..

• Sincerity of writing - the information is documented so as to give the reader the confident to quote resources.

• Maturity of writing - the information presented goes beyond the trendy opinions expressed by many of today’s authors. The historical data is meticulously analyzed and displays a true understanding of America’s history.